Shanghai Union Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Union Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. Shanghai Union Medical Equipment Co., Ltd.
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Business Type: Exporter
Main Market: Worldwide
Brands: OEM
No. of Employees: <15
Annual Sales: <5000000
Year Established: 2015
Export p.c: 90% - 100%
About Us

Established in 2015, We offer all kinds of medical disposables & small medical device through our own factory & sourcing; Our main business is working as a Buying Agent for our clients, helping them sourcing any medical products; At the same time, we also have our own products, because we invest and incorporate with some factories; By now, we are servicing for 15 clients from Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal, India, Chile, South Africa, Romania, Czech Republic, Portugal, Spanish, Mozambique, Angola, Guinea, East Timor and Zimbabwe. Especially, we are professional to handle international tender.




In 2009, we start to produce fiberglass casting tape & pipe repair tape, then we go into medical business; In 2011 our general manager Frank Wang met Mr. Rawai Chaipangyang from Thailand, he need our help to buy other medical disposables. Mr Frank Wang don't want to earn money from outside order, so he designed one working style: China Offfice (Buying Agent). Along with cooperation, we make the cooperation process expertly.Following we construct business relationship with other 14 country clients, with our supporting, our clients grows fastly. In 2015, we formally set a company specialized on offering Buying Agent service; in 2018 we handle 4.7 million dollars for our clients.




We are not a trade company, we offer Buying Agent service, in this working way, your company authorize us as your legal purchaser in China and pay us commission, we don't add profit in orders; Cooperating with us, you could save much energy and times and works become more smoothly and fastly. We do all works in China side: Finding the best suitable suppliers, Collecting samples, Doing small payment, Arranging combine shipping, Quality assurance, Avoid cheating. Absolutely, we help to find the best price and control each process cost for you.






Our Team

Our mission is: Supplying the best suitable products and controlling each process cost to help our clients to win the market. In order to find the best factory, we divide our sourcing to 5 departments based products character, each deparment have 2 staffs. Expert Sourcing is our company' stand base, good service is our advantages.

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